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Chemical vapour locks with cartridge system

In the chemical industry, the daily transfer and emptying of liquid chemicals is a routine but not risk-free operation. When handling these substances, large quantities of toxic vapours are often released, which not only pose a health hazard, but can also form corrosive and potentially explosive gas-air mixtures. To minimise these risks, Techap offers special chemical vapour locks® to minimise these risks. These innovative systems are designed for closed storage tanks, transport containers and swap bodies and ensure safe handling of chemicals by effectively absorbing the released vapours.

Customised solutions for the chemical industry

Thanks to many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of chemical substances, Techap offers the right solution for every chemical. With a deep understanding of the properties and legal requirements of chemical substances, Techap is the ideal partner for companies in the chemical value chain. This expertise makes it possible to protect the health of employees and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.


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Versatile solutions for industrial applications

Our range offers a variety of products for a wide range of industrial applications, including chemical vapour locks, suction lances, pressure-vacuum breakers, exhaust gas pre-scrubbers, quick-closing filling safety devices, dust filters and sterile filters, as well as components for plant engineering. Each product is specifically designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in your operation.

Reliable products for the aeration and ventilation of tank systems

Chemical vapour locks®

Reliable gas filtration with cartridge system

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Suction lances

for filling and emptying containers and tanks

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Pressure vacuum breaker

to prevent overpressure or underpressure in tanks

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Exhaust gas pre-scrubber

for dissolving highly concentrated chemical vapours

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Quick-closing filling safety device

for safe tank filling using compressed air

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Dust filter

for dust-free aeration and ventilation of tanks

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Sterile filter

for aseptic aeration and ventilation of tanks

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Components for plant engineering

Our range also includes high-performance process valves, injectors, ball check control valves,ceramic flat slide valves, conductivity measuring electrodes, level switches and pneumatic rotary actuators for plant engineering.

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Process valves

for the control of ion exchanger systems

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Ball check regulating valves

for dosing and effective backflow prevention of media

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Injectors with power adjustment

for suction, dilution, conveying and vacuum generation

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Ceramic flat slide valve

as a shut-off and control device for process media

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Measurement technology

Conductance measuring electrodes

for reliable conductivity measurement in the medium

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Level switch

for measuring fill levels in tanks and containers

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Drive technology

Pneumatic part-turn actuators

for converting lifting movements into turning movements or vice versa.

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