Sterile filter

Sterile filter

In the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, sterility is just as important during storage as it is when filling and emptying storage containers. Techap's hydrophobic membrane filter cartridges effectively protect raw materials and intermediate products from contamination and bacteria.

Like the dust filters, the sterile filters can be used in combination with the chemical vapour locks, for example forCO2 absorption of the incoming air, but also as stand-alone filters.

The membrane filter cartridges are available in lengths of 5", 10" and 20" and deliver 5 - 50 m3/h at differential pressures of 10 - 25 mbar. Series arrangements are possible as special designs to realise higher volume flows or lower pressure losses.

The sterile filters are available in PP with a PTFE membrane as well as in stainless steel with a borosilicate filter medium. The matching housings are available in PVC or stainless steel.


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