Chemical vapour locks® with cartridge system

Chemical vapour locks

In the chemical industry, transfer and emptying processes of liquid chemicals are used daily in many areas of application. This often releases large quantities of toxic vapours that are harmful to health and can form corrosive or explosive gas-air mixtures.

The evaporation rate of liquid chemicals depends on many factors, but the estimated quantity is enormous: 700,000 - 800,000 tonnes of chemicals (excluding petrol) are transferred every year in Germany alone, polluting our environment, damaging machinery and also endangering people's health. Techap's chemical vapour locks for closed storage tanks and containers, transport containers and swap bodies, on the other hand, ensure a high level of operational safety and environmental protection. This makes the hazardous filling and emptying of chemical tanks easy and safe. The Techap advantage here is the extremely low pressure loss, which enables installation for any type of tank. The intelligent cartridge system makes it easy to change the filter material. Flow rates from 200 to 150,000 litres are possible. With accessories such as heaters and rain hats, the chemical vapour locks are also suitable for both indoor installation and extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Techap has the right solution for all common chemicals.

Thanks to our many years of knowledge of chemical substances, their properties and legal categorisation, we are the ideal partner for companies in the chemical recycling chain.

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