Quick-closing filling safety device

Quick-closing filling safety device

If chemical tanks are filled with compressed air, the speed of the air escaping from the tank is too fast to be filtered safely. In addition, the pressure is too high to ensure safe operation of the chemical vapour locks, as gases containing chemicals simply pass through without fulfilling the actual purpose of gas filtration.

In order to avoid this problem, Techap provides quick-closing filling safety devices, which are dimensioned according to the customer's specifications and installed in the filling line. The quick-closing filling safety device recognises the air flowing through by measuring the conductivity and closes the filling line. The air is then channelled through a factory-dimensioned bypass, reducing the flow rate to a level that is compatible with the vapour lock. As soon as the filling medium is recognised by the sensor, the filling line opens. The tank can now be filled normally - all fully automatically.

The quick-closing fill valves are available in nominal diameters DN32 to DN80.

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